Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Best Ways to Lose Weight - Biggest Diet Mistakes

Lose Weight Tips by Desi Girl

With so many people who are overweight or obese, so the more people who are already aware of the dangers of being overweight. Starting from the threat of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and others up to the issue of appearance. To be sure, being overweight has become a scourge of its own for those who experience it.....

Increasing demand for weight loss raises the number of product offerings, service, and a variety of ways to lose weight with the lure of 'FAST'. It was eventually made a lot of people vying for the fastest way to lose weight and ignore the so-called ' good progress '.

How do I or the pattern of a good diet, regular exercise and adequate rest are getting forgotten and they are more concerned with ' result '. The important thing is the weight down as much as possible in the shortest possible time. Much remains to consider the dangers of liposuction surgery, but most are indifferent to things more simple, such as diet pills from china there is no clear composition. They dared to be taking it without knowing what the risk would be faced.

Best Ways to Lose Weight

Back to the main topic, the biggest mistake when DIET is 'anxious' and too oriented towards the final result itself. We have to burn fat for energy if we want to get rid of our fat. There are a few considerations you need to consider when looking to lose weight quickly.

1. When someone says' I want to go down 5kg in 7 days '. Try our calculations. 1gram of fat, it contains 9 calories. 1000gram 1kg of fat or calories that means 9000. Means that 5kg, equal to 45.000 calories. Well, what sports can roughly 45.000 Calories burned in 1 week? Or if divided by 7, then one day we have to burn fat as much as 6.428 calories. Though we exercise an hour a day more or less just simply burn 400-500 calories. Could this happen? In the calculation logic only 5kg down a request within 7 days of it at all POSSIBLE.

2. Fat burning, it happens when we exercise. Fat will be taken from the fat cells, the storage, and into the muscle cells where combustion. Fat is removed through sweat, urine and bowel movements. Just think, if you go down 5kg of fat in 7 days, meaning there is 700gram of fat a day coming through our blood. Remember, that the transport of fat into muscle cells is through the blood.
If there is truly a 700gram of fat a day that passes our blood, we will instantly STROKE! Want to thin or dead? In fact it is also not going to happen, even in extreme levels, it will be an increase in triglycerides (blood fat) when you're trying to burn fat as much as possible.

My purpose of writing this article is that weight loss, it should be based on the premise that lifestyle (diet and exercise) we had been mistaken, so the accumulation of fat. And should be made to change into a healthier lifestyle, so that our body will also adapt to a new lifestyle and physique will follow.

How do you think about the logical point of view this weight loss? Please share this info to your friends who always want to lose weight quickly and hear what their comments.


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