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Money Importance - Discuss Money Before Marriage

Discuss Money Before Marriage by Desi Pakistani Bride

Money, which takes all the objects, objects that can make a person happy and miserable. Many couples are reluctant to talk about money before marriage with taboos and sensitive reasons. In fact, many households fall apart because of the financial management mess between one and the other.

A survey conducted show that more than 65 percent of people consider the honesty and openness in the financial pair is important. Therefore it is important to discuss all things about money before you get married. Not only is the wedding expenses, but also the next life is longer. You and he will live with, so it cannot be about money again 'as I please. "

Money Importance - Discuss Money Before Marriage

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1.  Equating Thinking about the Money
If you and your spouse are both working, tell each other how much income each. Tell also about the financial habits, if you can save money, often a 'crazy' and stuck discounts or whatever your habits, say so. This will make you and your partner remind each other.

If you can save money while couples often buy unnecessary items, required supervision so that money is not spent on things not important. Equate the thinking and views about the money necessary for you and your partner do not blame or suspicion regarding finances after marriage.

2. Honest Regarding the Current Financial Condition

You and your partner should both know how the current financial conditions, whether the individual has dependents or not. Do you have to pay for the cost of school fees? Did he help his parent’s mortgage installments? Does he become the backbone of the family? Discuss this with your wise so no hard feelings if the couple always gives the money to the family. Helping the family is good, but do not let it hinder or burden your future with him.

Similarly, if you and he have debts open and honest in this regard. Who knew he still had a motor vehicle installment loans, or other debts because of an emergency, such as health care finance his parents. Until when the debt will be paid. If you have not paid to get married, whether he's going to pay full or both. Do not let it be a burden of debt issue or the media to blame after you get married.

3. Designing the Joint Finance

you and he live together, shared future, so that the financial affairs should also be shared. If you and your spouse have a total income of calculating income and make a note to see where the money flows in one month. So there will be no parties blaming one party is too extravagant. You and your partner will want to buy their own home or your own vehicle, so for the allocation of funds, which is to pay off the monthly requirement, expenditure, savings and reserve funds.

Is my husband may have their own savings? As long as you and he agree, it is okay. But remember, prioritize savings along. Do not let your burdensome personal savings so the savings along neglected and chaotic. Use personal savings just to buy things you really want.

4.  Savings, Insurance and Investment

Are after marriage there will be no life safety insurance, health insurance or the like? Not all offices providing these benefits, so you and your partner have planned it. Including how much savings each month. Whether to follow a particular investment? For example, gold investments, property and so on. If you currently follow a particular investment, do not forget to tell the couple.

To be sure, always be honest and open about finances, especially after marriage. When you will give money to parents or family, make sure the husband knows, and vice versa. There must be no thought, "This is my income, my love-love I want to do with," Remember, you and he had bound himself, so the slightest financial problem, and should be discussed openly.


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