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Women’s Health: The 10 Health Advantages of Women over Men

Women’s Health: The 10 Health Advantages of Women over Men

Women are often called weak sex, but are it so? After all, according to scientists, women have many advantages over men when it comes to health. Let's find out more about them.

Women’s Health The 10 Health Advantages of Women over Men Health Desi girls

1. Women Live Much Longer

Statistics argue that the average life expectancy of women significantly exceeds the average life expectancy of men, and so it has always been.

The exact cause of such differences is unknown: scientists say that women less than men suffer from cardiovascular diseases, which are the main cause of death. Also, this may be the result of the fact that women are easier to maintain contact with friends and relatives, and this sociability is very conducive to longevity.

2. Women Much Easier To Tolerate Pain
They say that men can tolerate pain very staunchly, but this is not entirely true. It turns out that women are less sensitive to pain, and this is a scientifically proven fact. Scientists believe that nature has provided women with this gift for a reason: the lower pain threshold helps the beautiful half of humanity to bear labor more easily.

3. Women Are Less Prone To Cancer of the Head and Neck
Statistics do not lie: men suffer from malignant tumors of the head and neck 2-3 times more often than women. Doctors believe that the reason for this selectivity of cancer lies in bad habits because the stronger sex is more likely to use alcohol and tobacco, which is one of the reasons for this ailment.

4. Mature Women Are Less Likely To Have Melanoma
The chances of developing melanoma in women up to 45 years are higher than in men of the same age category, researchers attribute this fact to women's love for sunburn. But if we look at statistics for the elderly, then the picture is quite the opposite: women over 45 suffer from melanoma much less often.

Health Advantages of Women over Men

5. Women's Sense of Smell Is Better Than That of Men
Recent studies have convincingly demonstrated that women have 50% more cells in the olfactory bulb, a special area of the brain responsible for sensitivity to odors. Scientists do not know exactly why nature ordered it. Some believe that such a sensitive sense of smell helps women to better distinguish pheromones by choosing a partner. Others are convinced that an acute scent was given to the fair sex to protect their children from infections.

6. Women Have More Good Cholesterol
Good cholesterol plays an important role in supporting heart health, especially in older age.

7. Women's Memory Is Better Than Men's
It turns out that the ability to remember in women is higher than that of men. Why is it so far - it is not known, according to one version, this is due to the fact that men are more prone to hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

8. The Beautiful Sex Is Less Inclined To Alcoholism
Many researchers agree that the risk of alcoholism in men is two times higher than that of women. It turns out that this is due to the fact that men develop a "hormone of happiness", dopamine, in response to alcohol. Women, however, drink alcoholic beverages from time to time to dump the stress, so their chances of becoming an alcoholic are less.

9. With Excess Weight, Women Are Less Likely To Have Fat In The Abdomen
Fat deposits in women often accumulate in the buttocks, on the legs and hands. Why is it important? Because it helps women to be healthier. Fat accumulation in the abdomen is a dangerous accumulation of fat around the internal organs, which leads to disease.

10. And, finally, women are less likely to have a heart attack. The risk of developing heart failure appears in men ten years earlier than in women. Here a big role is played not only by the level of good cholesterol but also by the fact that women are more attentive to their health.


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