Saturday, September 4, 2010

Women Without Pants - 20 Pictures

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Women Without Pants, Fact: one of the perks of being famous is the ability to go pantsless without fear. Don't blame it on Gaga - celebrities have been eschewing pants for years. Click on read more option to see more 20 Celebrities without Pant........

1. Lady Gaga Hates Pants
Whenever Lady Gaga performs, it's one long No Pants Dance.

Lady Gaga Hates Pants


Lady Gaga's feet are always more properly concealed than her tushy. Lady GaGa arrives at a local radio station for a bit of promotion and an interview. The singer arrived in a white leather full piece bathing suit with clear glasses and a white jacket. She was also sporting a sweet camel toe.

Both of these Lady Gaga fans are planning to buy a pair of star-spangled underpants. A very drunk Lady Gaga poses with fans in the Sofitel Hotel lobby for private pictures and autographes.

4. Jodie Marsh Doesn't Like Pants
Not wearing pants is probably what made Jodie Marsh semi-famous.

Jodie Marsh on a nightout at the Funky Buddha nightclub in London, UK.

Jodie Marsh is one of many celebrities who consider tights and pantyhose pants, even if they're see through. We should just feel lucky she chose to wear knickers.

Glamour model Jodie Marsh is pictured with her girlfriend arriving at the HumanHi Christmas party which was held at Volstead. Jodie was then spotted later in the night walking from Volstead to Funky Buddha.

6. Lindsay Lohan, Those Are Not Pants
Lindsay Lohan is at the forefront of the Leggings Brigade. But sometimes it's too hot for full coverage...and this happens.

Lindsay Lohan

Actress Lindsay Lohan eats pizza and tries on clothes in NoLiTa boutique in SoHo with some friends.

7. Britney Spears is a No-Pants Phenomenon
Now that she's no longer in the thick of The Sads, Britney saves her no-pants moments for the stage.

Britney Spears

Popstar Britney Spears performs a song from her new album Circus for Good Morning America in New York, NY. Her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James were on hand to watch mom Brit on her 27th birthday!

8. Rihanna Substitutes Thigh-High Boots for Pants
I'm sure a lot of people wish Rihanna would just walk around like this all the time. The world would be a happier place, probably.


9. Katy Perry Sings Ode to Dear Lost Pants
Everyone can count on Katy Perry to bring the high-waisted sequined panties.

Katy Perry

10. Acid Wash is Preferable to Coverage for Katy Perry
The real reason jumpsuits are so popular this season: they eliminate the need for pants. How convenient!

Katy Perry

11. Pamela "NO Pants" Anderson
Being pantsless is just part of Pamela Anderson's brand.

Pamela Anderson

12. Pamela Anderson Brings Out the Formal Shorts
The bag and the shoes make it clear that this is a formal occasion for Pam.

Pamela Anderson

13. Daisy Lowe Entertains the Harry Potter Crowd
All the 12-year-olds in attendance were probably thrilled to see Daisy Lowe walking down the red carpet...sans pants.

Daisy Lowe

14. Where Did Blake's Pants Travel?
Blake Lively wore this to promote The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. And the joke writes itself.

hot Photos

15. Taylor Momsen Refuses Pants
Taylor Momsen hates pants almost as much as she hates smiling.

Taylor Momsen

16. Solange Knowles: No Pants zone
It's unclear what Solange Knowles is wearing, but it's certainly not pants.

Solange Knowles

17. Miley Cyrus Dislikes Pants, Controversy
t's not like Miley Cyrus has a million moms breathing down her neck about keeping it classy or anything.

Miley Cyrus

18. Even Vanessa Hudgens Girls Hate On Pants
Vanessa Hudgens, seen here in a floral jumpsuit, looks sweet, feminine, and partially disrobed. Fun!

Vanessa Hudgens

19. Alice Dellal Prefers Her Non-Pants High-Waisted
British model Alice Dellal shows us what happens when one mixes two current trends: crop tops and pantslessness.

Alice Dellal

20. No, No, No, Daisy Lowe
Oh, Daisy Lowe. I know leopard print is a trend, but it just doesn't look right when it's A. bright red and B. all over someone's crotch.

Daisy Lowe


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