Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Make Your Coast Vacation Better

Make Your Coast Vacation Better

Imagine a beautiful beach in front of you, with warm sun rays on the skin, see bright blue sky, and enjoy the voice of the sea waves, a bowl of fresh young coconut definitely fun. Have you ever wondered why your body and mind back refreshed and feel healthier after visiting the beach? A research provides answers that can make you directly to schedule a visit to the beach while on vacation.....

Dilansir Newsmaxhealth , based on latest research issued European Centre for Environment and Human Health in Truro, Cornwall, a leisurely stroll along the beach can make a bad mood repair, you will have fun with this simple way.

Research carried out for two years at more than 2750 participants showed that the yield on the beach road, regardless of the moment the air is bright, or Rather, it appears to bring emotional and physical health to a level better than walking in the park though also has natural environment. There is a difference when on the beach, feeling happy and make it easier to come more peaceful mind.

Some scientists believe that the feeling of comfort when you're on the beach is the effect caused by the turbulence that occurs when waves break. Events that change the physical structure of the air and water and ion release to the atmosphere charged with electricity. There is an interesting idea that the location is filled with negative ion sensor, such as sea, mountain snow and waterfalls will enhance the mood of a person with a hormone to trigger endorphins and serotonin (the hormone that makes you feel happy), thus increasing blood flow and oxygen in the body.

If you live in urban areas far from the sea, nothing wrong with planning a vacation on the coast to improve the emotional health and calm the mind. Up when you return to daily routine, you'll be more fit and healthy. Even if you feel you have too troublesome vacation to the beach, the scientists suggest that you do meditation, sleep enough, raise animals, or laughing with friends, these methods can make your body is flooded with happy hormones are good for your physical and emotional health.


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