Friday, August 6, 2010

Top 10 Ways To Attract Girls In College

This article is dedicated to those guys who couldn’t get the girl he wanted in school or even in college? If you’re one of the many guys who couldn’t even make things happen with a girl in your school or even in college, then it’s definitely the time that you learn the guaranteed techniques and strategies on how to win a girl’s heart. Don’t worry Menscrunch.Com bring for you 10 ways to attract Girls In College. You also can apply these tips in every day life. There are a thousands of theories on how to attract girls. We have compiled some basics to begin your new effort of attracting girls on your collage/university. Here are 10 basic tips:

1. Attract Girls With an Attitude Change:
One surefire way of getting some different results in attracting girls a certain attitude change. The way you have been thinking and talking so far has not been attracting girls, so why not do and say things differently? The goal here is to simply change your attitude and do and say things differently when encountering girls.

2. Attract Girls By Being Unique From Other Guys:
Girls like guys who are unique from all the other guys they see every day. It can be easy to fall back in the background, so don’t try to blend in with other guys. Find a way to stick out, to be unique from other guys. You just need to choose some special quality about you that makes you different. If you don’t have a special quality that makes you different, create one. Find a way to be unique.

3. Attract Girls By Having Something Going On:
Think You are special. You’re not like all the other guys she sees everyday. By taking the initiative in Getting Accepted. This can be attracted to girls. Girls like to see guys that show strength, not just muscular strength, but the type of strength that you show by doing something everyone else cannot do. Every guy on your campus will not become a Campus Man, but you will. This helps you stick out and attract girls.

4. How to Attract Girls You Know:
If you are not currently attracting girls around you (who you already know) that you need to do something differently. Because what you’re doing now it’s not working. This can mean a change in attitude or personality, or changing your appearance. Some girls are attracted to newness, change or something that occurs out of the ordinary – so you might receive some fresh attention by developing a fresh attitude, a fresh look are being different.

5. Attract Girls By Changing Your Appearance:
If you want to seek to attract girls by changing your appearance, one way of doing that is following some grooming for men advice. Matter what clothes are on your body you can change your appearance in certain ways. If you need a new stock of clothing or to change her fashion sense, don’t go it alone. The best person to choose to shop for clothes for you is a girl with style or gay guy. Don’t make the mistake of spending money on the same type clothing that has not been attracting girls so far.

6. Attract New Girls:
You can always try to attract girls who have been ignoring you so far, but the good news is there are a whole heck of a lot of girls out there in the world who have not been noticing you. Make a change and start attracting new girls.

7. Love Yourself First:
It is most important that you love yourself and do all that is necessary to be the best person you can be before you get involved in a serious relationship. Exercise, eat right and take care of your body because you love yourself and value your appearance and health. Make sure you are doing your best on your job; but if you aren’t happy there, take steps to improve your situation. Enhance your personal interests. Develop and pursue hobbies and interests that give you a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment.

8. Fine Tune Your Body:
learn the art of nonverbal communication and the importance of body language, for you are sending out many messages with your body when you might not realize it. Facial expressions tell a lot about you, and so do hand gestures. If you fidget, twirl a strand of hail; slump down in your chair or sit up straight, you are giving nonverbal signals to those around you. Be confident and self-assured, but not too cocky. What many women still don’t realize is that men–regardless of how good-looking and accomplished–are sometimes easily intimidated. Be friendly, interested and inviting.

9. Art of Conversation:
If you are going to start you conversation with your girl friend keep the conversation upbeat, but don’t tell too much too soon. When you do finally meet a nice women who shows an interest in you don’t turn him off by going on and on about your personal problems. We all have met people who within five minutes of conversation are telling While such tidbits might make juicy conversation with the girls, don’t delve into such personal details with a new girl friend. Sure,

10. Your Behavior:
Smile, be friendly and even flirt sometimes. To make social connections, you must find a way around your shyness. Work at being more vivacious. Those who succeed in attracting the opposite sex devote time and attention to the art of being friendly. May you meet to such girl, overly friendly, effervescent females who are always the center of attention, who always have lots of male friends. And they aren’t necessarily flirting, at least not all the time. But they are not shy about stopping a good-looking man on the street to ask for directions or the time. Try to keep yourself away form such girls.


  1. This ten ways are useful and admirable ways to attract girls in college and at other place. As per my opinion we should follow our heart and use brain to attract girl instead of being strange or mad. We should show our own real talent and qualities to impress the girl as per my opinion.

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