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Special Treatment For Dry Hair

Special Treatment For Dry Hair by HOt Indian Desi Girls

Contrast with oily hair or dry hair, you need extra care to keep it looking healthy and beautiful. Dry hair is difficult to treat because it generally requires a maximum moisture. You must be patient and painstaking enough to restore vitality and moisture.

Generally, dry hair condition is compounded by the frequency of use of styling hair styling tools or applications that are too often and without treatment.

Dry hair should be gradually overcome. You must restore moisture first with routine maintenance.

Special Treatment For Dry Hair

Deep treatment

This treatment is usually done specifically for dry hair that suffered severe damage. Treatments that can be done is:

Deep hot oil treatment

This treatment is heated with oil massage by soaking in hot water, or heated on the stove. Oils then massage advance in the scalp area, with a circular motion, then up to the whole hair shaft.

Oil that can be used include coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil.

Hair Mask

Apply a hair mask at least once a week to get maximum results. However, it is advisable to use only cold water, and avoid rinsing with warm water.

Hair Serum

Always wear a special serum to dry hair after shampooing. There is also a serum which is usually sprayed on the hair shaft before sleeping. Well, this type of serum can be used daily until you get the desired hair moisture back.

Shampooing with beer

Drink this one you can use to give a double moisture. Pack up with beer and let stand a few minutes so that the beer can restore moisture and softness of hair. The aroma is less pleasant, but the benefits for exceptional hair.

Daily Treatment

In addition to deep treatment, doing all the daily treatment such as:

Special Shampoo Dry Hair

Make sure you choose a special shampoo for dry hair types. This step is important because the double hair needs moisture, which can be obtained through the formula shampoo for dry hair.


Always make sure you apply conditioner to the hair shaft after wash. Let stand for a few minutes then rinse, so conditioner can penetrate into each hair shaft.

Hair Vitamins

In contrast to serum, hair vitamins tend to be milder formula. Well, you can massage the shaft of the hair with vitamins to support and meet the nutritional needs of hair.

Cut The Branching

Cut the ends of the branched hair and chapped, because basically hair is already damaged irreparable. Throw it out parts that have been damaged so that nutrients can be maximized hair on the trunks of hair that will grow.

With regular care for a month, you will feel the difference in moisture and softness to the hair.


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