Thursday, November 9, 2017

What is the Secret to Look Young? Seven Important Recommendations

What is the Secret to Look Young? Seven Important Recommendations

To stay healthy and young for a long time, it is worth sticking to certain rules. A total of seven recommendations will make the skin fresh, the body hardy, and the mood is positive.

What is the Secret to Look Young Seven Important Recommendations

There are Long and Slow

According to scientific data, approximately 84% of people with obesity, eat quickly and chaotically.

Most often, they chew food in just a few seconds. At the same time, people in normal physical form spend about 9 seconds eating. Doctors say that excessive body weight helps reduce the volume of male hormones, and most importantly, testosterone. We can say that the presence of 15 extra pounds is tantamount to age for ten years.

Duration of a Healthy Sleep

A grandiose study was carried out, which lasted more than 20 years and encompassed 20,000 people. It became known that men who slept for at least seven hours had 26% more chances to live a long life.

It was also found that people sleeping more than eight hours a day, have a 24% more chance of prematurely dying. Proceeding from the received data, scientists have declared, that it is necessary to sleep not less than seven, but no more than eight hours daily.

Benefits of Games on PC

Scientists said that doctors, amateurs of games on the computer, performed operations faster by 27%. They made fewer mistakes than colleagues who were not addicted to computers.
Most likely, in games, there is an element of training of logic and reaction, which gives the brain to develop and slowly grow old. Concerning simple crosswords, scientists do not have a common opinion.

Running Classes

According to the study, which lasted more than 20 years, older people who regularly run have a 40% less chance of developing cardiovascular ailments.

Those who run systematically, later face the failure of the body. On average, such people for 16 years longer remain operational.

In the process of human life, muscle mass is lost, which is a consequence of aging. Muscles that go away, over time, are replaced by fat because it acts as a form of energy conservation.

Regular Facial Treatment

It is necessary to apply the scrub twice a week so that the skin is renewed, and old particles are removed. It is better to use agents with glycolic or other similar acids.
Follow the rule once every three months to visit a beautician for facial massage. Most men have never used this simple and effective method of rejuvenating and restoring the elasticity of the skin.

How to Prevent the Appearance of Wrinkles

Men's skin is fatter than women's. Guys for a long time do not suffer from skin problems, because of its additional natural moisturizing.

But over time, the skin becomes thin, suffering from dryness. In the eye area, its thickness is 0.002 millimeters. You cannot do without moisture, especially men after 45 years. Otherwise, wrinkles will go deeper and appear more often.

The key rule of health preservation is body training and intellectual abilities. We need to consciously eat, including in the diet of fresh vegetables and fruits. Food is provided on the basis of calorie tables and the available body weight.


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