Saturday, August 20, 2011

Food Fights - Become Active with Food

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Lazy people usually like to eat, but food can also make people are not lazy anymore. Feeling lazy can be caused by many things. Habits, body condition and environmental conditions can make you lazy, so almost no one spared from temptation feeling lazy. But whatever the cause, food that can enhance your vitality will help to dispel the lazy days and make you more energetic.......

Foods high in protein and carbohydrate plays Fats provide energy, but which help to use that energy is protein. Rejuvenation of cells, including cell growth, the distribution of hormones and vitamins, all regulated by the protein. So instead of just producing the energy you need, the protein is also very necessary in order that energy can be utilized to the maximum so you can be more excited.

Food Fights


Two-thirds of the human body is fluid, therefore if you are less liquid, then the body becomes limp and often interpreted as laziness. When dehydrated, the body takes nutrients sources of energy to maintain your body's fluid balance so the body's energy shortage. The solution, do not consume more carbohydrates and fat, but drink water in sufficient quantity so that the body refreshed.

Menu Breakfast:

Skipping breakfast, clearly reducing the intake of energy to move from morning until noon. However, some people actually complain if they're eating in the morning, all morning they just feel lazy. This is not because of your breakfast or not, but because your breakfast menu. Do not eat too full at breakfast, and choose foods that are high in fiber but simple, like cereal, bread or wheat bread with fruit juice or fresh fruit pieces.

Eat more frequently:

Different again with some type of person who should feel excited all day if you eat in small meals but often. Every hour you always find the food she ate, whether it's a sandwich, salad or crackers. A diet is also not wrong as far as accompanied with enough activity, because in some formation and combustion energy takes place quickly, so he must often get their energy intake to be able to stay motivated throughout the day. You also need to try this diet if other ways can not get you excited


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