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Less Water While Fasting Make Fast Furious

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When fasting, lest you get angry just because of lack of body fluids! Drought, it seems it was a challenge during the month of Ramadan came and the Muslims are fasting for a month. Problem of 'dry', ranging from dry skin, dry lips, dry hair and body that feels dry from lack of water intake for about 14 hours into the cause. Not only that, if you are not careful enough drinking water needs during fasting, you will also often angry. Based on news reported by Genius Beauty, The WHO predicts that by 2020, depression will become the number one disease that will attack the citizens of the world, beating other diseases........

Less Water While Fasting Make Fast Furious

Less Water While Fasting Make Fast Furious

As an illustration, at present the most feared disease is infectious diseases and diseases associated with cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel system). Why can shift very far in just a few years? Researchers in the United States believes that this is related to lack of water consumption in the modern human diet. Researchers from Tufts University have managed to find a relationship between lack of water consumption and levels of stress, depression and anger in humans. In that study, two groups are treated differently. The first group, they received drinking water and may be appropriate that they need at any time. While in the second group, the water they consume is limited. As a result of this, both groups experienced depressed mood, fatigue and anger marks, including confusion.

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In addition, the researchers noted a reduction in the ability to think in the second group. The researchers say that the amount of water consumed per person is actually different, depending on the normal function of the body, how much a person's activity, weight and weather. But in the average size, a person needs 8 to 9 glasses of water every day. It is important for you to still meet that number even in the fasting condition. Make sure you get enough water intake at dawn and breaking fast, then you will be free from the problem of drought and free from depression and anger


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