Monday, August 5, 2013

How Food Colors Affect Your Moods?

How Food Colors Affect Your Moods

Do not underestimate the food color. Behind a variety of colors, food has nutrients stored in them and beneficial to the body. In addition, the color of food is also psychologically affecting a person's mood.

The proof course, thanks to one package design can be very interested in buying a product. And the food colors can also reduce the appetite or even taste.

Let's see, what mood food can be presented through color.

White Food

Because it is white, it felt like there was no content of anything dangerous. Seemed to make people forget that the food may contain bleaching agents, sweeteners, preservatives, and so forth. Therefore, white-colored foods often make a person forget himself. Accounted for in greater numbers and eventually make stuffed belly.

There are some snacks that it was white and often made of her control, such as cassava chips. How many of you who cannot stop snacking food after this one?

Orange Foods

In psychology, the color orange reigned brain does tend to be alert and cautious. This color is identical with the color hot, sour, or spicy taste surprise. As a result, many people always think twice when the food will taste.

Green Food

The green-colored foods tend to be interpreted as a healthy food, from natural ingredients, and safe to consume. Sure, most of these green foods have vitamins and nutrients that healthy. For example, vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants and vitamin E.

But, however you still have to be careful when eating green foods. It could be the color is not as safe as you think.

Yellow Foods

Yellow colors tend to make a person become more cheerful, happy, so for you who want to revive appetite can start ordering food yellow. Any food that you ordered, you will be flashed on the mind of hunger and excited.

Red Food

Red food generally is the most unappetizing food. Have the passion and energy, foods that are red are considered to have a sense of sweet, ripe, spicy tempting.

Even so, you should be more careful when eating red foods. Most of these contain red food dye dangerous, and should be more careful while selecting.

Food is Blue / Purple / Black

These three colors are the colors that tend to damage the taste. So if you want to suppress your appetite, it can count on this color to affect your brain.

Some tubers, vegetable and berry family has a dark color that naturally reduces appetite. You can insert it as one of the tricks to reduce your appetite.

Well, it turns choosing the color of food is not a trivial matter that should be underestimated yes. In addition to have good nutrition for the body, the color also affects weight.


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