Friday, May 14, 2010

About Islamabad Pakistan by Maryiam Sheikh

She is Maryiam Sheikh from Islamabad Pakistan. She tells us about Islamabad that, Islamabad is the Capital of Pakistan, located on the Pothohar Plateau, is regarded to be one of the earliest sites of human settlement in Asia. Faisal Mosque is situated in Islamabad. Here are a different beautiful places specially for tourist. Due to its favorable latitudinal position and closeness to the hills, Islamabad gets appreciable rain both in winter and summer months. In fact there are only four months of the year which get less than 2 inches of rainfall and these are October, November, December and May. The summer rain is mostly due to monsoon and is particularly heavy. It is common to get as much as 6 inches in 24 hours during a wet spell. Soon we will updated more photos of Maryiam Sheikh. So subscribe in our feed to get more photos of Desi Girls.


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