Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shanti Devi Introduce Her City Madurai India

Shanti Devi is beautiful girl from Madurai India. In a summer school vacation she celebrate picnic with her school friend Sneha. Santia want to share something about here city Madurai . Madurai, the second largest city of Tamil Nadu, is dotted with a large number of temples and has rightly earned the epithet of Temple City of South India. The seat of power of Pandyas, Madurai is situated on the banks of river Vaigi. She gave a message to readers that The sun is shining, the weather is warming up, and the great outdoors are calling. Picnic weather has finally come, and people across the country are taking their picnic blankets and coolers down from the shelf and thinking about going out to that perfect picnic spot. Whether you're going to a park or beach or taking a scenic drive, it won't work to just throw whatever you have into the cooler and go. It's much better to plan ahead and to do something a little special with the foods you bring on your picnic.


  1. madurai ponnunganaaley pasanga meraluvaanga

  2. hai shanthi thanks for about u r telling madurai. not only u r name is shanthi but also marurai is also shanthi ( peacefull) , but beautyfull

  3. nice and cooling tamil people in madurai