Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Top 10 Hottest Women Players Of Tennis

Tennis means A game played with rackets by two or four players who hit a ball back and forth over a net that divides the court. So today we share top 10 hottest Tennis players with you. We collect these photos and information from internet. We hope that you like this post as well share too with your friends. Let's start hottest Tennis player from number ten.

10.Elena Dementieva

Nationality: Russian
Career: The 2008 gold medal winner in Beijing. Dementieva is currently the fourth ranked player in the world. She’s yet to win a Grand Slam, but has reached the finals of the US Open and French.

9. Jelena Jankovic

Nationality: Serbian
Career: The current number one player in the world. She has ten career titles, and frequently makes deep runs into the Grand Slam events.

8. Vojislava Lukic

Nationality: Serbian
Career: Lukic’s career hasn’t been much to write home about (a top ranking of 214th), but she easily makes her list. I’m sure you can see why after doing some looking at her gallery below

7. Jelena Dokic

Nationality: Australian
Career: Five career titles, and a world ranking high of 4th make Dokic one of the greater female tennis players ever to come out of Australia.

6. Ashley Harkleroad

Nationality: American
Career:Ashley Harkleroad turned pro on June 12, 2000, and was quickly billed as the next American tennis superstar. Her debut was at the ITF tournament in Largo, Florida, in 1999. The following year she played her first WTA qualifying event in Miami, Florida and her first Grand Slam at the U.S. Open. In 2001, she returned to the same events while improving her status on the ITF Circuit. In 2002 she won her first tour matches, reaching the second round at San Diego, Hawaii, and Bratislava, where she made her first doubles semi-final with partner Maria Emilia Salerni. She ended 2002 in the top 200 for the first time.

5. Chris Evert

Nationality: American
Career: The entirety of the United States was in love with Chris Evert back in the 70’s, and her love life was the frequent topic of discussion and gossip. We may never see the US as obsessed with a female tennis player as they were with Chris Evert. She had talent to back it up as well, winning 18 Grand Slam titles

4. Maria Sharapova

Nationality: Russian
Career: Sharapova is one of the top players in the world right now. She’s won three Grand Slam titles and has been ranked number one in the world at various times.

3. Alona Bondarenko

Nationality: Ukranian
Career: Bondarenko’s ranked in the top 20 in the world, and has six career titles. She recently won the doubles title at the 2008 Australian Open while paired with her sister Kateryna

2. Ana Ivanovic

Nationality: Serbian
Career: Ivanovic is the 2008 French Open winner, and one of the top players in the world. She’s also the hottest current female player in tennis, as our number one is unfortunately retired.

1. Anna Kournikova

Nationality: Russian
Career: Sure we could have picked someone else, but that would have just been us being contrary. Kournikova is easily the hottest tennis player to ever play the game, even if she wasn’t one of the greatest as far as talent goes. Which incidentally is actually something of an urban legend – Kournikova never won a singles event, but she’s actually one of the best doubles players in the world, even up to today. Anyway, to the woman that drove millions of search engine queries back in the infancy of the internet – we salute you, the hottest tennis player to ever live



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