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Top 10 Shirtless Men With Photos

They have got the sex appeal, the look, broad shoulders, six pack abs and the tanned body. And that is why women love them and go crazy for such Hot guys. Gone are the days when bollywood was full of hairy heroes who used to cover their hairy torso and the abs were covered up with the belly fat. I won't say they didn't have 6 pack abs rather I would say that they were hidden beneath pounds of belly fat. But today B town is full of waxed, shaved or electrolisized men that we love (and would love to date).

In today's scenario, the heroes are more fitness conscious and don't leave a single chance to show off their toned body and "6 Pack Abs". Here we have listed such 10 men who are physically fit, have 6 pack abs and look extremely hot when Shirtless. Let's check them out!

Shahid Kapoor - From Boy to Man

Shahid Kapoor has come a long way since his Ishq Vishq days. Of course, he had a ripple of a muscle even then, but like good wine, he's matured with age and looks H.O.T in Kaminey (remember the scene where he's running with the horse!). That is one scene where you can say that he is now completely transformed as a man.... A powerful man.

Saif Ali Khan - Mr. Beefcake

Saif Ali Khan is definitely one of Bollywood's beefcakes. The buff star set hearts racing as he danced, shirtless of course, with Preity Zinta in Salaam Namaste and Kareena in Tashan and seduced Bipasha in Race. (Has anyone noticed that Bips gets all the shirtless men?)

Salman Khan - Bare Essentials

Salman was the first Bollywood actor to take weight training seriously and bring the whole muscular look to Bollywood (and I thank him for that). However he overdoes everything like taking his shirts off to show his chest and abs often. He was the one who started appearing shirtless on screen and since then it is a way to show-off the toned body.

Hrithik Roshan - Bronzed 'n' Hot

Hrithik's style is casual and an athletic body and his Greek god looks make him look stylish in whatever he wears. He took his style one step forward in Gowariker's period piece Jodhaa Akbar. He is an all time favorite handsome hunk, a heart-throb and a dream guy. His well-oiled muscles and torso in Dhoom 2 and Jodha-Akhbar, has set impossibly high standards for fit, yummy bodies in Bollywood.

Aamir Khan - Age no Bar

The Tom Hanks of Bollywood, takes his look and role in movies very seriously. Whether it is the dhoti-bundi look in Lagaan or the long mustache look in Mangal Pandey or the shaved head for Ghajini, Aamir spends a lot of time and effort to get the right look for his character. He showed-off his well toned body and 8 pack abs (not 6). He might not carry this toned body for long because once he gets in a character for a movie that is how he looks even when he is not on the sets.

John Abraham - BUTT, The Best

Humility thy name is John Abraham. John's style is laid back. Just like his personality. The most photographed of male models, John's assets are his physique, his smile and the way he wears his jeans. Whether in long hair or the recently cropped tresses John's style is confident and cool. He was the center of attraction in Dostana, in which he looked really Hot. His physique and his smile are the two assets that make him the coolest guy of the B town.

Ranbir Kapoor - The Chocolate Boy

Actors who look like their mom's never have a good debut and have to struggle the earlier part of their careers (Sanjay Dutt, Saif Ali Khan). Ranbir reminds you so much of Neetu Singh that it is hard to consider him as an individual. Though his movies were not good at the box office, but he managed excel. So what if there is not a single big hit in his pocket, so what if your girlfriend is doing better than you, so what if your work is always compared with that of your parents..... You are still the most adorable chocolate boy of the bollywood town.

Akshay Kumar - Singh is King

Akshay entered the industry on his own merits. Handsome face, cute looks, a martial arts expert and some talent took him places. He is the man of hard work. He is the real stunt man of the bollywood. He is fearless, he is the most desirable stunt hero of the Bollywood. He is really a true performer and a real life Khiladi.

Arjun Rampal - Tough and Simple

He might not be the world's best actor, but we tend to forgive Arjun Rampal for any career bloopers all because of his beautiful face and broad chest. A girl could transfer all her problems onto his wide, capable-looking shoulders.

Imran Khan - Hot Chocolate

His sweet smile has many girls skip a heartbeat and we are sure you young girls have already started fantasizing about a date with Imran. Imran Khan debuted with a chocolate boy image in 'Jaane tu ya jaane naa...' but soon after his first movie he changed his image in the next films like Kidnap and Luck, where he played the role of an angry young man and appeared shirtless. The shirtless style broke the chocolate image and now he has got a Hot chocolate image with the toned and tanned body.
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