Tuesday, January 1, 2013

5 Perfect Tips on How to Fight Wrinkles

How to Fight Wrinkles by Indian Pakistani Desi Babes

As a teenager, we often complain about the pimples that appear on the face. With age, skin problems complaints turn into wrinkles in certain spots on the face. If you want to remove wrinkles from your face then consider these five ways against wrinkles as quoted by Indiatimes below.

Spend Time in the house

Do not spend too much time outside the home, especially if it exceeds 20 minutes. Because the longer the skin is exposed to sunlight, the higher the wrinkles on the face that may arise. The sun between the hours of 10 am to three pm is the most evil. So use sunscreen if you are out of the house at the

Perfect Tips on How to Fight Wrinkles


Two important things about the sleep you must know timing and posture. Due to lack of sleep can trigger the production of the stress hormone cortisol which also cause wrinkles on the face. Then you should sleep supine position than prone or sideways.

Wash face

Familiarize yourself washing your face to avoid clumping impurities in pores. But not too often do not do so face to dry. Note also the type of soap you use face wash. Make sure you use a product that suits your skin type.


Omega-3 is the right answer for those who want to fight the signs of wrinkles on the face. Because these nutrients do have properties maintain the youthfulness of the skin. Researchers even mentions that soy has natural power to restore facial skin condition caused by sun exposure. In addition to omega-3, antioxidant-rich foods are also recommended that you consume for skin rejuvenation.

Supporting Wrinkles

Coffee and cigarettes are two things that support the wrinkles on the face. Just look at the faces of the people who like to drink coffee and smoke to excess, they certainly look old and wrinkled. If you do not want to experience the same thing, stop smoking and limit your coffee consumption.

That's how easy against wrinkles that you can apply. Good luck!


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