Monday, May 24, 2010

My Favorite Hobby - Iram Choudhry

Iram Choudhry is gorgeous girl from Murree Pakistan. She like different hobbies. Iram tells that a hobby is a change of work which is done for the main purpose of refreshing oneself. It is an interesting pursuit for the sake of getting pleasure in one's leisure time. Hobby is the pleasant use of the spare time at our disposal. We can use it as we like it.

he hobbies give us mental and bodily relaxation when we are tired of our daily routine. As a matter of fact we must... have some leisure for our enjoyment. If we have no hobby we cannot have a happy life. The aim of a hobby is to lighten our boredom of life. The pursuit of hobbyis also the best method of spending one's free time.

Gardening is my favorite hobby. A popular kind of gardening is to have a flower garden. Nearly everyone loves the site of bright colored flowers when they are on a summers night walk. Flower gardening has become a very popular hobby for many gardeners. It is very inexpensive and very self rewarding when the flowers begin to bloom.

After you have planted your flower garden you will need to keep regular maintenance on it. This is really easy to do, and many find it quite enjoyable and even stress relieving. Be sure to spread a bag of fertilizer soon after you plant your garden. This will help the flowers grow healthy and strong. Other then this you simply need to pull any weeds that happen to sprout and be sure to water them on a regular schedule. When the flowers have bloomed all the "hard" work is all worth it. Flower gardens are very beautiful and add a lot to your property.


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