Monday, April 25, 2011

10 Things Women MUST Know!

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Ladies, these are some things you must know about men. Often referred to as being indifferent, as long as this man was also observed women. The proof, they really want women to know this would be 10 things.......

"When we called quite intense, does not always mean we're Female you know ..."

10 Things Women MUST Know!

Just because he often called us, then we immediately think that she likes and she is Female. This is one of our bad habits, too easy to conclude the attitude of men who were near us. As a result, be prepared to be disappointed and spend a packet of tissues because of a broken heart.

"Makeup is not thick at all interesting to us. Just keep simple..."

OK, Ladies. This is the conscience of men. Not that we should not be grooming nih. But we really need to correct our appearance. Which is too plain, try to grooming simple and chic. Which is too menor, try reducing the thickness of makeup on her face that even cover our natural beauty. With the makeup simple and chic, not too thick and menor, secured the men definitely klepek-klepek at the sight of our appearance.

"Women who are too hyperactive and acting like fleas is the most we avoid. Perhaps as friends, he's fun, lively and exciting. But not as a lover ..."

Do not be jealous when seeing one of your best friend close to the men because of the indifferent attitude and behavior that can not be silent. For the men, women like this it is nice to be invited to 'crazy', but obviously they would not choose it to be a lover. Being a nice person does not have to behave like fleas right?

"Strange as women, can-usually in front of friends to be nice and flattering, turn directly behind her own expose all evil companions. This type of women like this make us in the black list ..."

Nothing to be ashamed to admit, this may indeed we've ever experienced. And now is the right time to improve. No need to spit or dislike ugliness to others in front of the him. If it was your best friend is an annoying person, try to talk alone with your best friend, who knows because he's sharing you can change.

"Honestly, sometimes we hear whining about the saturated weight goes up, the skin is not white, or unruly hair. Yes if it had realized all the problems, do not just talk aja. Less talk, more action is!"

Well, this one man's opinion directly into the liver. If you remember back, weight problems, skin, hair and this is always the subject of complaints daily. In fact, we often reject his invitation to dinner because we are afraid the new jeans will not fit anymore. Realize, for men this is ridiculous. If you do not want to be fat, the best solution is to choose a diet and exercise-friendly menu. Not just complain, right?

"Do not use the PMS excuse just to vent their emotions to us, please ... That's really not fair!"

Not just once or twice you just get angry with a reason to love PMS. Occasionally this can still be understood. However, if every time like this, after a long time he also saturated. Find something more positive to vent this PMS syndrome. Mild exercise or yoga can be enough to help you feel more relaxed. So no need to get angry every time you PMS, right?

"If it's like to just say yes, now is not his time yet again the man who should start first."

Ouch! It is still often a debate between men and women. For ourselves, it is not easy to express feelings to the man beforehand. But, Ladies, do not be too worried about this and reject their opinions. Expressing feelings rather not have to ask her to be your lover. Show with attitude and attention is enough to code for them really.

"Do not be mistaken for a mini skirt or hot pants that always sexy in our eyes. Because sometimes it makes us want to divert attention."

It's true. Not always a mini skirt and hot pants is sexy for men. If you are not smart to choose the moment to look sexy, so sexy it immediately turned bitchy.

"Sometimes tired too, if every time they met only complaint is talking about. It's as if his life's never happy ..."

Men often we think of as the most comfortable backrest. But that does not mean he should listen to all our complaints every day. Occasionally, lean on his shoulder while enjoying a romantic song. Simply show your happy smile, and he will be the luckiest man in the world. Seriously, little things like this can increase her confidence instantly!

"Comparing yourself with other women who may indeed be more beautiful is not a good reason to seek attention. Amazingly, many women who do this annoying ..."

One more thing we need to learn is, never compare ourselves to women who may indeed be more beautiful than us. Just show me your confidence, and also show if you deserve to be loved by him


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