Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Right Hair Style For Round Face

The Right Hair Style For Round Face by Ex Russian Girl

Well, it turns out there is a hairstyle that can make a round face appear more narrow and slender. The key is to correct to any part-accented with hair that gives the face angle at impact.

In addition, there are several things to note, as follows:

Note volume

To look more slender, note the arrangement of hair volume. When the hair on the left and right sides thick enough, then the face will look more broadly.

Hair should then be made thin left and right sides only.

For short hair

You who have a round face and want to have short hair, preferably giving both sides of the layer on the hair. The back of the crown is made high up lift hair and oval effect.

Bob cut is most suitable cuts for round face. But do not be too short, at least if you want a short haircut, you can adjust the chin line only.

For medium or long hair

Well, it's even easier if you want to come up with medium or long hair. Long hair generally not too well volumes and give the effect of a longer face shape.

You can play with accents asymmetrical bangs, or layers of left and right sides. Wavy additional accents also make the face more slender. With a note, Wavy size and rarity.


If you have a round face, should avoid straight bangs. This will make your face look more round and wide.


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