Saturday, June 11, 2011

5 Tips Before Trimming Short Hair

Desi Girls hair Style

There are several things you should look before cutting your hair short ...

Do not think having short hair does not require the preparation and maintenance. Whatever your hair style, hair crown remains to be cared for and enhanced.

Nothing wrong with that you know the following points before short-cut hair if desired:

1. Make sure you choose a professional salon

Usually, because the thought just wanted to shorten the hair, then you do not want to spend more in and decided to go to a salon with a frill promo a cheap rate. Consequently, the resulting hair style is not the way you want.......

Short Hair

Actually, the form of short hair style is much more difficult than the long hair you know. So do not be mistaken for just a short cut you do not have to go to a salon professional. Precisely at the crucial moment like this, you must be clever to have a trustworthy salon and give performances in accordance with the personality and face shape as well as your head.

2. Find examples of prior models

Before going to the salon, you should have prepared a short hair style like what you want. Gamang determine the salon will leave you in a hurry and end up disappointed with your impromptu choice.

3. Do not do that if in doubt

Before the short cut hair, make sure you have confidence and do not hesitate. Usually, doubt make you disappointed to see the final result.

4. Make sure the knife or sharp scissors

Cutting hair using a knife or sharp scissors less can lead to damage hair, as well as one piece. That's why we recommend that you go to a salon professional, so you can be more confident that the knife and scissors are used really sharp.

5. Trimming 6 weeks

Steven Dillon, a well-known hairstylist in Manhattan's Pierre Michel salon recommend to perform trimming 6 weeks on your short hair. Trimming the hair will maintain the beauty of the model for not sticking or not tidy.

Are you dare to go short?


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