Monday, October 1, 2012

Student Travel Insurance Guide - Study in Australia

Student Travel Insurance Guides by Australian Desi Girl

Health insurance

Foreign students studying in Australia, to ensure an Australian medical insurance. In Australia, there is a special system of health insurance for international students. It's called the "Health Insurance for Foreign Students" (Overseas Student Health Cover, OSHC) , and you must be insured under the system for the duration of your student visa in Australia........

Travel insurance

Most likely, your move goes smoothly and you will not run into problems. But in spite of this, it should be prepared for the unexpected. Cancellation of flights, lost luggage and purses - all this can take a lot of time and money, so buy a travel insurance policy before you leave the country. It does not protect you from unpleasant situations, but will not need to pay for unexpected expenses.

Do not forget to take a trip insurance documents (or copies). These documents contain information and contact details, in case if you need to claim on the insurance case.

Some companies are working with the program "Health Insurance for Foreign Students" (Overseas Student Health Cover, OSHC), offering travel insurance as a supplement to the main policy. Need to insure your trip separately - is not covered by the basic medical insurance policy OSHC.

Other types of insurance

Students in Australia must purchase their own insurance policies, accident and property insurance.

If you are planning to buy a car in Australia, you must purchase a policy of compulsory third party insurance, which will cover any damage that you may cause to other cars. It is also recommended to insure your own car from accidental damage.

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  1. The information on this page is amazing! Yup, travel insurance is a must. This is quite easy to purchase since there are online travel insurance available today.