Monday, March 19, 2012

Traditional Medicines for Digestion

Traditional Medicines for Digestion by Indian Desi Girl

You know that good food is also not always leave the comfort of the stomach. Have you actually feel after a glut of nausea, fullness, and discomfort in the abdomen? Well, this is referred to as indigestion. There are still chemical drugs used to suppress it, but the side effects sometimes make getting queasy stomach.....

Traditional Medicines for Digestion

Well, as reported by Indiatimes, there are some traditional medicines that you can consume as an alternative when indigestion occurs.

Recipe 1:

Combine two teaspoons of lime juice, ginger juice and honey into a glass of warm water. Stir, and then drink while warm.

Recipe 2:

Mix one teaspoon coriander seeds that have been roasted and ground into a glass of warm milk.

Recipe 3:

Chew a teaspoon of fennel can be trusted to make digestion more uncomfortable.

Recipe 4:

Enter 3 peppermint leaves in a glass of hot tea, set aside some time and enjoy the warmth in the stomach.

Recipe 5:

Crush the ginger, put into a glass, then pour hot tea into it. Enjoy while warm and you can add honey to make it more enjoyable.

Recipe 6:

Compress the abdomen with warm water and the pain will subside.

How? It is quite potent in the traditional recipe. Please try if you have the same digestive disorders.


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