Thursday, July 26, 2012

4 Types of Lipstick for Lips Your Beauty

Types of Lipstick for Girls

If you already know how to choose a lipstick that matches the color according to skin type and the atmosphere is also important to know which type of lipstick should be worn. Liquid or just matte?

Each of these has the form and the excess lipstick different. If you want the look of lips all day long-lasting, matte lipsticks can be chosen. What if the lips to look full? Let's refer to his review further.

4 Types of Lipstick for Lips Your Beauty

Matte Lipstick

Lipstick is usually shaped bar type, having a solid color and variety. Usually not shiny and just have a little moisturizer, to daub it before this type of lipstick is better to use lipbalm first.

Lipstick has the advantages of a durable matte all day, so you do not need too often to correct the color.

Satin Lipstick

His form is almost the same as matte lipstick, except that he is more polished and has higher moisture content than the matte. He also is not sticky, and now is popular because it is not too worried about dry lips when satisfy.

Glossy Lipstick

The shape is not solid and viscous liquid and tends to. The color range and glossy effect. There is also a color that comes with glitter lip impressions become more visible.

Excess lipstick can give the impression of sexy full lips. Unfortunately when she used to feel sticky and easy to stick to the things that touched her lips. In addition, he also quickly disappears, so we need to re-apply every few moments.

Lip Pencils

Its function is to provide a frame over the lips in order to correct the lip that looks less than perfect, either too thin or asymmetrical. After giving a frame painted with lipstick and other lip so that the lips look more beautiful views.

In order to keep lips soft and smooth, always clean the rest of lipstick before going to bed. How can the use of baby oil so that the lips remain pink and not black.


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