Saturday, December 17, 2011

Importance of Sports for Teens

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Every person in the world need to exercise, why is that? Our bodies need exercise just as our bodies need to sleep. Exercise is also a prerequisite to be able to get a better body health. Exercise you can do anytime and anywhere, the most important is your willingness.

Almost all teenagers in Indonesia fond of exercise. The expansion of the gym as a gym, indoor soccer field, basketball and so on, is facilities for youth sports that is always exciting their enthusiasm to diligently exercise. Some of them even do not know the benefits of exercise they do, but they diligently do so only as a hobby and want to spend time with their friends through exercise.......

Sports Boost Bones and Muscles

Sport for young can increase the growth of the body more optimally, because adolescence is a period of growth. Exercises are performed routinely during this period will provide a positive impact on growth. In its infancy, muscles and bones require high activity to be able to grow and develop. Therefore, for youth sports play an important role in supporting optimal growth of the body. Having strong bones during adolescence, can help reduce the risk of bone loss during adulthood, and good muscle growth will make the body look more ideal. Choose exercise that can improve muscle strength and bone, such as basketball, cycling, and swimming.

Exercise Can Prevent Obesity

Adolescence is a potential age are obese. Obesity can affect the mental attitude of a teenager. Most teens who are obese tend to isolate themselves from society because they feel insecure. However, once again, obesity is not a major disaster that can not be avoided. Useful exercise for adolescents to prevent this from happening. For you young, diligent exercise at least 30 minutes every day so that you avoid obesity.

Sports Improve Coordination and Flexibility Body

Flexible body that can help improve performance during exercise and other activities. Sports for youth can strengthen muscles, improve coordination and even improve posture. Flexible muscles can help prevent sprains, cramps and back problems that may occur at a later date. To improve coordination and flexibility, you can choose exercises such as yoga, martial arts, dance or gymnastics.

So rajinlah exercising regularly and balance with nutritious food that your body grow strong and healthy. Avoid the earliest possible adverse health habits such as smoking and consuming alcohol, keep your body healthy until adulthood.


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