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Wedding Celebration at The Best Hotels in Moscow. Conditions, Prices

Wedding Celebration at The Best Hotels

Weddings should be a real triumph otherwise, why should it be venturing? It is therefore very important that the organization was flawless. And where to look, impeccable service, if not in five-star hotels? Worldwide wedding in the hotel is a real style. And if we compare the prices with the cost of similar services in restaurants, the choice in favor of the hotels, with their schooled staff and a nice bonus, is obvious.

But we will not be restricted to one campaign. Not to be unfounded, we selected the 10 most status of five-star hotels in Moscow, to find out how much it costs to organize their wedding and what additional services are offered to the newlyweds and guests. .........

The most expensive solution offered by the hotel Ritz Carlton. There for weddings typically use two rooms. Hall rental area of 187 square meters. m and accommodates up to 70 people will cost 103,000 rubles. The cost of the room bigger (area 290 square meters. M) - roughly 207,000. These amounts do not include the banquet. "Naked" wedding menu at the Ritz will cost 5,310 rubles each guest. Menu with alcohol is more expensive - 8260 per person. Calling the hotel booking service, available for free to reserve the selected room. Reserve will keep a week, during which you want to take a final decision and make a prepayment of 25% of the total purchase price. In this case, the couple can also reserve a room, in order to spend their wedding night in luxury. To do this is to buy a special romantic package, providing a significant discount, corresponding to clearance rates, breakfast for two and late checkout. This package will cost more in the 20-23 thousand rubles, depending on the day of the week.

Wedding Celebration at The Best Hotels Wedding Celebration at The Best Hotels
Wedding Celebration at The Best Hotels Wedding Celebration at The Best Hotels
Wedding Celebration at The Best Hotels

At the Metropole newlyweds have the opportunity to choose, in a room which category they would like to spend the most romantic night. Category of standard will cost 14,000 rubles, superia - to 16,000, Junior is 20 000, and suites - 20. Regardless of the category numbers newlyweds rely two breakfasts in the restaurant "Metropol", and late check-out - up to 16 hours. The very same celebration could be held in the restaurant or in the hall Boyarsky (he's a bit smaller). Rent restaurant Metropol will cost 180,000 rubles. The standard menu already includes alcohol and costs about 5000 rubles per person. In Boyarsky higher price tag - 7-8 thousand per person, but there rent is already included in the price of the menu.

Ararat Park Hyatt "will not charge rent at all. Basic banquet menu is about 3600 per person. It includes salads, hot dishes and a wedding cake (one per 150 grams of each guest). Alcohol can be ordered separately in the hotel or bring your own. In the latter case would have to pay so-called cork tax - from 1400 to 1800 per person. Banquet hall of the hotel can accommodate up to hundreds of people. If the celebration is more than 60 people, married couples receive a complimentary accommodation in the wedding room.

In Baltschug opportunity to receive free room Suite depends on the total amount of order. The hotel offers three banqueting halls with different capacities. Largest - Hall of the Vladimir area of ​​210 square meters. m. Its lease for the evening will cost 40,000 rubles. Hall rental "Yaroslavl" accommodates up to 50 people is 20,000. His most beautiful room, the Library, with a large balcony overlooking the Red Square will cost 60 thousand rubles. The average wedding in check Baltschug - 6-7 thousand rubles per person, including alcohol.

At the Sheraton alcoholic beverages are not included in the cost of a wedding package. They have to buy separately in the hotel or bring with them (cork tax - 700 rubles per person). But the packages for three, depending on the demands and opportunities Suite: 3200, 3900 or 5000 rubles per person. This cost is already included renting the hall from 17 to 22 or from 18 to 23 hours (hereinafter - the payment by the hour), as well as an aperitif at the meeting the guests, hot and cold appetizers, two main dishes and desserts. Keep in mind that in the banquet hall there own sound and lighting equipment. Free number the couple can count only if the number of guests will be greater than 50.

And at the Hotel Marriott Royal Aurora toll-free waiting Suite regardless of the number of guests. They, incidentally, can be accommodated in one of three salons Hall "Petrovsky". Rent is included in the cost of wedding packages. Both proposals do not include alcohol. However, the package is more expensive (8000 against 5700 rubles) includes open bar 4:00. Cork tax Mariott low - 531 rubles.

The "Savoy" average wedding expense amount to 5000 rubles per person plus 10% service charge. In this case, the package includes a minimal set of alcohol: a glass of wine and some vodka. Rents in the restaurant Savoy is not charged. But for an extra 16,500 rubles, you can still withdraw and beautiful fireplace room, which is appropriate to use as a cigar room or recreation room. Using light and sound equipment restaurant will cost somewhere in the 30,000. However, we must remember that music out there can sound just before 23 o'clock. The very same restaurant is open until midnight. Prepaid orders - 50%. The second half should be made not later than one week before the wedding. Room Suite Pay, but it will receive a discount of 50%. Also, discounts are provided for guests who wish to remain in the "Savoy" at night.

"National" is not only known for its amazing architecture, but also a unique location. Here we can note a wedding in a banquet hall overlooking the Kremlin. However, the rooms with the air for up to 70 people, while a room with windows overlooking the patio, can accommodate up to 100 guests. Rent is included in cost accounts, which typically ranges from 3600 to 11,000 rubles per person, excluding alcohol. If the calculated sum obtained impressive, guests are exempt from tax on the cork had brought with him alcohol.

In "President-Hotel" cork tax, if not abolished altogether, it can be lowered in the case of a solid overall budget. Standard is a tax, "the President" is 700 rubles per person. The hotel has a banquet hall and restaurant, "The Assembly" with an open veranda with stunning views over the city. Here the rent is already included in the total score. However, a wedding in the "Assembly" is possible if the budget is estimated at not less than 250 thousand rubles. In this case, by a banquet at the President "- one of the lowest among the capital's luxury hotels: 2600 rubles per person excluding the cost of drinks. Also have to pay 10% of the amount per serving. But the most profitable to buy special wedding package that already includes alcoholic beverages and service. The package also provides newlyweds with free accommodation in the wedding room (the night it is from 13,500 rubles). Both the banquet room hotel have sound equipment, the use of which will cost not less than 20 thousand rubles.

A nice bonus to the wedding banquet offers "Swissotel Red Hills." There's a standard wedding package includes the photo session, even in the panoramic bar, City Space on 34 floor. In addition, for the feast, you can choose room "Zurich" on the ground floor, as you can - Hall "Davos", which is located on 29 floors and boasts a truly breath-taking panoramic view from the panoramic windows. Banquet at the "Zurich" will cost 4700 rubles per person, in the "Davos" - in 5500, excluding the cost of alcoholic beverages. Cork tax Swissotel is 800 rubles. If invited to a wedding more than 50 guests, the couple will receive a complimentary accommodation in a deluxe room.

So, in Moscow there are all conditions that make the wedding event, which you and your guests will remember forever!

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