Monday, May 9, 2011

Shellfish Saving Tips

Shellfish Saving Tips

Shellfish are processed directly tastiest when fresh. If stored, in addition to the disturbing smell, taste is not as good even when still fresh. But there are times when you do not have time to do everything in one day, and must save the shells in the refrigerator.

Shellfish Saving Tips

The quality of shellfish is best if the conditions are still alive when you buy it. Character is shellfish seem to respond to the surrounding circumstances, such as the move to close the shell when you disturb or and slowly when deemed safe to reopen. Another feature is the smell of shellfish, if it is dead and no longer fresh, the smell would tend sharp and unpleasant....

If you've got a fresh oysters, now you need to know how to save the shells that remain true to taste delicious.

To save the shells, place shells in a closed container with shells horizontal position. It aims to keep the fluid shells do not come out of his body, because the liquid that hold the delicious taste of shellfish. Next, wrap storage container with a damp cloth for shellfish meat is not dry. Avoid tightly closed container for shells not suffocate. The way this store could make the shells hold up to three days, after which you must cook it immediately.


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