Monday, March 7, 2011

Kathy Anderson Photos and Interview

Kathy Anderson Photos

Kathy Anderson is a smiling and humorous girl with a heart in the right place she says about herself: " I may seem a little shy towards people who do not know me but when they get to know me, I am full of fun. "

Kathy has completed his hf and doing small modeling jobs. She wants to do more modeling work, and I think she gets it after she has been here on Friday babe? If nothing else, she is in contention to become the year 2011 Friday babe!........

Kathy spend their spare time with friends, family and training - a lot of creative work and then stoned her a violent mass Bear Grylls on Discovery.

Kathy Anderson Photos Kathy Anderson Photos
Kathy Anderson Photos Kathy Anderson Photos
Kathy Anderson Photos

Tell us something embarrassing:

"To my 18-year birthday, I had the whole family to visit, when my younger brother had suddenly found my saved d**dos and ran into the living room for all my guests and shouted" Look what I found! "I think it was pretty embarrassing. "

Future Plans:
"I dream about getting to make some big modeling jobs. Besides, I have searched in as a social worker, but I'm not sure this is the road I'll take ."...
Comment from the editor in chief: " If you become a social worker, I go voluntarily cash! "


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