Saturday, October 2, 2010

Inside an American Militia Photos by Ty Cacek

The photos with the name of "Inside an American Militia" captured by Ty Cacek Photographer who joins the Ohio Defense Force during a grueling weekend training exercise. You can see here more beautiful photos.

1. Camouflaged and Silent

The Ohio Defense Force is a private militia claiming 300 active members. On the weekend of August 21, they engaged in a training skirmish with other units in Roseville, Ohio.......

2. Muster

The militia trains for ambushes, sniper missions, close-quarter battle and other types of military engagements. On the weekend when photographer Ty Cacek took these photos, the ODF's mission was to destroy "a terrorist command post." An abandoned prison stood in for the object of their attack.

3. Portraits:

Militiaman Frank Delollis, left, and 1st Sgt. Tom Gheen are both ODF members.

4. Preparation:

Each member brings his or her own weapons. During the drill, they shoot blanks.

5. Camo:


The ODF stresses that they are not engaged in a re-enactment or game; they are drilling for scenarios that they feel could be real one day.

6. At Attention:

At Attention

The drill scenario for the August exercise went as follows: "The year is 2014, and a new breed of neo-Islamic terrorism is rampant in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio...The current White House Administration is pro-Muslim and has ordered a stand-down against Islamic groups." The goal is to destroy the enemy command post, or die trying.

7. Motorized:


The fighters must go in "sterile" — without name tags or identifying insignia — as a deniable covert force. "Anyone who is caught or captured cannot expect extraction," the briefing officer said.

8. Dismount:


The ODF members exit the transport.

9. Recon:


A patrol party searches the property.

10. Coordinates:


ODF Officers and senior members examine a property map and discuss their plan.

11. His and Hers:

His and Hers

This woman is the wife of one of the male ODF members.

12. Portraits:


Private E2 Doug, left, chose not to give his last name; Militiaman C.J. McIntosh, right, poses inside the prison target.

13. Sentry:


Lt. Jeremy Fister rests while guarding a second-story window from enemy contact.

14. Checkpoint:


Two militia members take a smoke break while guarding the rear of the prison.

15. Flag:


Many members of the ODF say that they are not a hate group. Their charter asserts that their mission is: to help state and local law enforcement agencies on request — during a flood six years ago they helped direct traffic, giving local sheriff's officers the freedom to respond to more pressing tasks — and "to assist in the protection of local citizens in emergencies."

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