Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcomes Christmas, the House is Covered with 180,000 Lights

Welcomes Christmas Girl

Christmas is a moment long awaited by all Christians around the world. But surely no one who prepared the Christmas decorations such as Alex Goodhind.

28-year-old British man is preparing more than 180,000 light bulbs to decorate her home. Not only that, Goodhind also uses more than 300 lamp shaped wires, 300 meter rope lights, 145 lights shaped frame, and 18 lights shaped plastic Santa Claus or the other characters in the Christmas celebration.

Welcomes Christmas, the House is Covered with 180,000 Lights

Ornate lamp made during the four weeks is expected to take the electricity bill reaches 1,000 pounds (or approximately USD 15 million) per month.

So he explained, a neighbor even joked that they could see the Christmas decorations from space.

The atmosphere outside the house Goodhind

This is not the first time Goodhind decorate his home with lights. He has done it since 2006, but stopped in 2010 and 2011.

"I've been collecting lights and decorations for 15 years, so this year I just added a few things that made ​​me very interested," said Goodhind, as reported by the Daily Mail (09/12).

In addition to enliven Christmas, Goodhind also do it for charitable purposes. In 2009 and 4000 he managed to raise pounds (or approximately USD 61 million) for the Dorothy House Hospice.


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