Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Latest News - Russell Brand Got Caught Laying Hands On Helen Mirren's Innerwear

Russell Brand with Hellen Mirre

Russell Edward Brand is an English comedian, actor, columnist, author and presenter of radio and television. Now here is latest news with the subject "Russell Brand Got Caught Laying Hands On Helen Mirren's Innerwear."

According to sources: Russell Brand, the popular British comedian revealed in a recent interview that he was caught by actress Dame Helen Mirren while he was trying to get a hand at her innerwear! Russell Brand has worked with the Hollywood actress in two films in the past, namely “The Tempest” and “Arthur”, and it was on the sets of the former that he first met up with the Hollywood beauty. While Russell Brand was already smitten by the charm and grace of Helen Mirren, the very first time, it was during their next film together that the actress found the comedian going for her innerwear........

The comedian recalls how during a costume fitting workshop for “Arthur”, he could not resist the urge to touch the bra, tailored for Dame Helen Mirren, hanging in the innerwear segment. Well, he did lay his hands upon it, but was also caught doing so by the actress herself! Speaking to the media on the hilarious incident, Russell Brand almost sounded funny, even Helen Mirren must have thought him so, considering that she let him get away with the incident. The comedian could not stop reveling on the fact that the particular piece of inner garment had not yet touched the body of one of his best actresses but would eventually do so.

Russell Brand
Russell Brand with Hellen Mirre Russell Brand with Hellen Mirre

Russell Brand, who started his career as a comedian has appeared in a number of films in the past and has always made his fans laughing to his acts. He will take the vows with Katy Perry later this month.
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