Thursday, June 3, 2010

About College Days - 14 Pictures

College Girls says that Being a college freshman is not an easy experience for any student, much less one with a learning disability. Transitioning from high school to college can be similar to moving to a foreign country where everything as you once knew it has changed. The more knowledgeable students are in advance of college life, the more they can mentally and physically prepare for the upcoming challenges. Going to college costs a lot of money, everyone knows this. But getting some funding to help you with the high price is an option that you should research carefully. You can turn to the government and get grants. These normally will not cover all of your tuition and expenses, but they can certainly help. You can take out some student loans, but you will be faced with having to pay them back once you graduate. Interest is also charged on these loans, so you will end up paying back more than you borrow. Scholarships are free money that is awarded to students for different reasons. You just have to find the right scholarships to apply for, making sure that you qualify academically or creatively. click here to see more 14 Photos of Desi College Girls.....


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