Monday, June 28, 2010

Pakistani Film "Channa Sachi Muchi" Review & Photos

Pakistani Actress

Pakistani movie Channa Sachi Muchi is based on a true love story that originated during 1947 partition of subcontinent revolves around a girl named Pooja (Saima) who is Hindu by descend and a Muslim boy named Bao (Moamar Rana). The story of the movie takes an interesting turn when Bao succeeds in winning Pooja’s heart in comparison to Sooria(Babar Ali) who is Pooja fiancé, similarly Lajo (Hina Shaheen) who is engaged to Bao is also eagerly waiting for the love of her life. Will Bao succeed in marrying Pooja against Sooria or Sooria would take revenge from Bao, this all has been exquisitely picturised in the movie. A sheer tustle of romance and revenge initated between Bao his family, Lajo, Sooria and Pooja will be remembered by film viewers for a long time to come. Original locations, mystical music and versatile dialogue delivery has made “CHANA SACHI MUCHI” a mega attraction for movie lovers. Click on read more option to see more 20 Photos......

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