Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Marriage Tips for New Brides

Happy Marriage Tips by New Desi Pakistani Bride

The wedding party was held, a new chapter of life has begun. These tips are perfect for newlyweds to realize the happy marriage. Please share to your friends who will or has married.

There is Love, There's Grief

Many beautiful hopes soared when the wedding, many couples think that marriage is the gate where all things will be amazing, all be beautiful, true love conquers all, the source of all happiness and so on. Hope it is okay, but the return to Earth, because marriage is indeed the same as anything else, there are ups and downs to be passed along..........

The high expectations can make you force the pair to meet all the standards of happiness, and vice versa. It would be better if you and your partner learn to accept that things can not be beautiful, there are bad things, bad habits and so that had to be accepted as a form of commitment. Remember, your partner is the man that can give happiness, it could be frustrating.

Discuss What You Need and Want

Many fights happen because there are those who bury what he wants and expect their partners to understand (common in women). Remember, ladies, your partner is not psychic who can read minds. Just say what you feel, what you need, what you want, including your worries. It was much better than keep it and hope he knows by itself (he's usually not sensitive). But remember; say in relaxed and comfortable conditions.

Happy Marriage Tips for New Brides

So a Good Listener

Couples alike should be a good listener, then you will understand what he feels, what his thoughts and so on. Do not cover your ears to hear complaints, ideas, thoughts and even criticism. When he speaks, do not directly cut, listen and respond after she finished speaking. Show your empathy, put yourself in his position, and you will be happy with the attitude of opening.

Be Yourself and Let Husband Doing Things the Same

The happy couples have been married for decades and often say that they live as friends. Companions will show what she actually is, is also willing to accept any bad trait (in this case your husband). No one is perfect, probably before marriage first, you see good things from him, but after marriage, you have to learn to accept the husband's annoying habits. Vice versa, learn to be yourself. Communication will run better if you and your husband become friends with the same goal.

For Household Tasks

It should be talked about you know.. Divide the household tasks are the responsibility of both, not just women. Moreover, if you are an independent family away from family and do not use the services of a housekeeper. For just who's in charge of washing clothes, ironing, watering the garden, and so forth.

Managing Financial Learning Together

Money is the most sensitive matter that could lead to a big fight and farewell. Discuss with financial management would be better if it had been done before the wedding takes place. After marriage, responsibilities, rights, and responsibilities more clearly. Discuss all things related to finance with her husband. Is the salary in the savings along, who holds a monthly allowance, if necessary note of the expenses every month and so on.

Many admitted that they would be much appreciated and happy if their partner says or ask permission if you would give money to their parents or siblings. Family is important, but your partner should also know where the flow of finances in the household.

That he is a few tips for newlyweds. Hopefully useful and your marriage lasting forever. Please share this article to a friend or relative to be married or newlywed status ;)


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