Saturday, April 17, 2010

Aalisha Kaur From Lahore Pakistan

She is Aalisha Kaur from Pakistan. Aalisha Kaur done here MBA from Punjab University Lahore. She tells us about Hinna (Mehndi) that Women in Pakistan are generally very conservative as beautifying themselves may classify them as vain and attract negative attention and even castigation from the religious heads and male family members. Women are required to be subservient to the male in Pakistan society, according to the interpretation of the Islamic religion. Nonetheless, a few liberties are allowed to women when it is done with the purpose of making themselves more presentable to their husbands - as a duty of a faithful wife. Henna therefore is used as a natural beautifying agent. One way is by drawing exceptionally beautiful designs on the hands and feet during festivals and other family celebrations; and another way is to apply to the hair. Henna is an excellent conditioner for hair which encourages the growth and the natural bounce of the hair. For women who have premature white hair, it provides an excellent way to hide it as Henna applied regularly gives a dark red hue to the hair.
Well Aalisha, Thanks for telling us something about you.


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