Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bollywood Film Veer Zara: Rewritten

When I first read this news, the story reminded me of the Bollywood movie Veer Zara: an eternal love story about a girl from Pakistan and a boy from India, the lovers who crossed all the shackles of religion, caste and differences, depicting that love knows no boundaries.

Here is the news: In a heart melting cross border romance, Chinese girl Yi Yan Yun crossed seven oceans all the way to meet her Indian beau Muhamed Jasim. The emotional part comes now. Both are physically handicapped; can’t hear or speak, but as it is said Love understands its own language…. they were destined to meet online three years back! Continue Reading.....

On knowing that her lover Muhamed had met with a severe accident, Yun flew all the way to India and took care of her sooo-fortunate lover all this while! Now such is the case that the couple refuses to part away from each other. Their bodies are separate but their souls are linked with each other, courtesy a pure bond called LOVE.

But destiny has something else in stored for them. Yun is facing serious Visa problems, just like the climax played huge hurdles in the relationship of Veer and Zara in the movie. Yun’s visa is about to expire and there are chances that she might be arrested after the recommended period of stay gets over! She has a choice of marrying her Veer (her lover), but the formalities under India’s Special Marriages Act would take a minimum of 30 days, which means the wait would prolong further.

Now all that the family is awaiting is a No Objection Certificate from the Chinese embassy so that the couple gets a green signal to be each others forever! We also hope that things work out easily for this unique couple in love!

At the end of the day, I just have one thing to say. Love has its own language of emotions. Despite being deaf and dumb, the intensity of their love crossed all the limitations and proved the world that no culture or religion has the power to separate them from each other. If one is destined to love, the cupid would strike you, no matter how many hurdles you have in your life! No language was required to define their love.

But what’s the solution to these problems? Do couples like Yi Yan Yun and Muhamed Jasim would continue to face similar situations in the future also? Should there not be special visas to deal with similar cases? Or we will have similar Veer Zara stories to be re written in future also? What do you say?
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