Tuesday, March 26, 2013

6 Reasons Why Men Hate Women

6 Reasons Men Hate Women

Many men use the term 'high maintenance', referring to the woman who is very demanding. While some describe the woman is who loves to spend half their time for business appearances. Want to wear expensive things and appear gorgeous daughter befits the government every time.

Many claim that must be met in order to satisfy his desire. Women like this make the man afraid and not interested. Here are six reasons why men hate women.

1. Very demanding
Women with high maintenance like this always depends on the person to make him happy. He expects everything happened the way he wanted. Men do not like is controlled and ruled over all the time.

2. It is difficult to understand
He make a fuss about every little thing. He never completed to understand and make the adjustments. People prefer spontaneous woman, one who is able to adjust.

3. Too spoiled
Women are demanding attention and compliments non stop. Not infrequently, men who perform a variety of ways ranging from normal to not make sense to observe all her demands. They want to be treated like a princess and you do not want to remove too much effort to get things done. Except for business appearances.

4. Very materialistic
A high maintenance women want the best of all things in this world. She deify importance of status and fame rather than by value. He always wanted to impose expensive clothes, designer bags or on vacation to expensive places. This kind of woman is not available for simple life.

5. Want luxurious appear at all times
High maintenance woman obsessed with her appearance and spend a lot of money and half of his time in front of the glass to keep them look good. For every two-three hours to attend the festival, he will spend more than eight hours in the treatment himself. A guy needs a pair of good can not arrange a time with profligate women by appearance.

6. No personal space
Nature demands a high maintenance women expect men should always be at his side at all times. Even when he was not with her, this woman kept calling and inquiring about his whereabouts. Men do not like too much organized and privacy disturbed. Even if they are in a relationship, they still have room privacy.

Ladies, imagine if you were in the position of men. Are you willing to face a lot of couples claim?


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