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Identify the 3 Types of Parents Who Caring for their Children

Identify 3 Types of Parents When Caring for Children

Parents have their own way while raising their children. A recent study identified ways parents raise and care for their children. This study reveals three types of parenting that is often applied by parents to their children.

Approximately 24 percent of parents who become participants suspected to have type 'terrier'. Parents with type terrier always wanted to be involved in their child's life. They want to accompany their children in infancy.

Parents with parenting type terrier looks accompany children, ranging from dropping school, playing with children, to undergo the same hobbies with their children. In essence, they want to stay close to their child during infancy.

Identify 3 Types of Parents When Caring for Children by Pakistani Modern Girl

Meanwhile, the other type is the type of 'lion'. Type lion is different approach to raising their children. Parents with type lions teach their children self-sufficient from the beginning. They let children with imagination and his own world, and teach them to live independently.

Parents with this type of trust are that who cannot take part in any future child. Follow the child sustained only make them dependent and spoiled. For that, they let the kids have their own time to imagine. In the meantime, they can rest.

Research conducted by Capri Sun and Denise reveals three types of parenting, which is of type 'penguin'. Parents with type penguins share responsibilities with each other to raise their children. When one parent is busy, its role was replaced by another. So on so the child remains was accompanied, however, both parents do not have to always be there.

Types of penguins are also typically make use of those closest to them like a grandfather, grandmother, uncles, or other relatives to keep their children, as reported by the Daily Mail (22/08). Researchers did not indicate which types are best for children. But in fact, involved with children in infancy is very important for parents. Not only formed a close bond, parents can also guide the child in infancy.

How about you, whether you are raising children the way belong to the above type? Share your opinion in the comments!


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