Tuesday, July 3, 2012

True Myth When Pregnant

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During this time many of us who think that the myths surrounding pregnancy affects the fetus. However, you need to know, all the myths that developed in the community are not entirely wrong. Some of them are actually true, and unfortunately many people are still hesitant to tell which is right and wrong myths....

The following is a list of myths that during pregnancy you can look at:

True Myth When Pregnant

1. Roentgen

Many women who do not know about the dangers of X-rays during pregnancy especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Which contain X-ray radiation may even lead to deformed babies to miscarriage. The effects are not immediately visible because of a few days later an X-ray radiation effects will be seen. Thus, preferably, pregnant women do not use X-rays while pregnant.

2. Drinking sweet iced water

During this growing myth is drinking ice can cause the baby to be big. And, in fact, which can lead to large babies are in addition to hereditary factors, also because of the ice water that is too sweet. But he obviously simple, however, the dangers of consuming too much sugar will be very real to the baby. Especially for those who have the risk of diabetes because it will reduce the risk to the baby.

3. Having sex

Many myths developing around the community that sex during pregnancy may increase the risk of miscarriage. Correct to say so for those who previously have abnormalities in your previous pregnancy. However, it is not evident in normal pregnancy having sex during pregnancy because it will help speed up the delivery process.

4. Using nail polish

Pregnant women usually will be very sensitive to all smells, especially with the harsh smell of nail polish that often make nausea and dizziness. When the process of pregnancy, you should not use nail polish to reduce the risk of paint fumes that go in the fetus.

5. Eating raw fish

Actually eating raw fish has nothing to do with the baby's growth and development that will have a fishy odor. The myth is actually ongoing in infants exposed to the risk of contamination by bacteria that are still present on raw fish. Not only that, the mercury contamination found on raw fish can also affect the pregnancy.

So, already know the difference between right and wrong myths right, Ladies?


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