Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blasphemed Rihanna, Stop Work Magazine Editor


After receiving an all-out blasphemy from Rihanna , eventually Eva Hoeke , chief editor Jackie Magazine, decided to resign from her job. She had pleaded guilty of using racist words in her review in the magazine........

Rihanna hot with beautiful   hairstyle
As reported by Contactmusic, not only Rihanna are furious with the word nigger bi ** h who wrote it to describe Rihanna . Because the words are considered to be very racist and violates equality and human rights. The word nigger (nigger mean) itself was not offensive enough, especially coupled with the word bi ** h, which increasingly makes Rihanna's wrath.

Initially, Eva tried to calm things down with an apology that he said officially to the public. In a statement he said that her review when it does not contain any racist intent and raised only as a joke. But his statement was apparently not enough for Rihanna , because Rihanna was again commented by twiter.

"I hope you can speak English, because your magazine that illustrates how weak your knowledge of the evolution of human rights! I see you are very rude, and somewhat broken despair. You like running out the information to be printed polite and civilized. You use the two terms (niggers and bi ** h) is at once to the fun. It makes no sense ... 'N ** B ** CH Ga'?!... Well on behalf of my race, these two words for you. .. F ** K You! " wrote Rihanna .

Responding to comments Rihanna is, Eva issued another official statement which revealed that all of this stupidity can be a compelling reason to resign. After struggling for eight years with Jackie, so she prefers to stop.


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