Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kate Middleton Spend the Rp 1.6 Billion In order to Look Perfect

Kate Middleton Spend the Rp 1.6 Billion In order to Look Perfect

Many women who had dreams of being a princess. Who is not happy to live with all the luxurious amenities and always wear good clothes? But being a princess is not easy and cheap. There are a lot of funds to be spent to pretty perfect all the time, including the beautiful princess of England, KateMiddleton.

Agree that the wife of Prince William dong always look beautiful and perfect in any atmosphere. Since its introduction to the public as the successor to the British throne fiancee, Kate Middleton instantly crowned as beautiful and graceful woman. Increasingly, the appearance of Kate Middleton getting praise. She always looks beautiful, from watching the games until a state occasion, always perfect.

Kate Middleton

But... there is a huge cost to all of them. Launched by Marie Claire, Vogue Australia has counted how much money Kate Middleton spent the last 12 months for his performance. The figure is estimated £ 102,379, or approximately USD 1.6 billion. Ranging from luxury hair care salon, keratin treatments, hair color treatment of organic materials, skin care and so on.

That does not include the pretty clothes she always used in a variety of events. Although the princess often wears the same dress or pressing budget to buy clothes in a regular store, nonetheless budget clothing Kate Middleton is very large. Kate's father-in-law, Prince Charles, has offered to pay for all dresses formal budget law outside the kingdom. Provided clothing to attend official events or royal events.

It was, according to the budget it had the appearance of Kate Middleton. Although the Duchess of Cambridge did not have the best special designer, he always knew where the most appropriate outfit for him.

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