Friday, September 23, 2011

Carriage of Goods Minimizing Tricks When Traveling Far

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Often the holiday agenda a little disturbed because of too much luggage, or luggage is too large. Actually, you could be traveling out of town or abroad with only one small suitcase and one hand luggage only.

The key is, know the trick selection and proper packing suitcases. As quoted from She Knows, the following tips can help minimize the amount of your luggage.

1. Choose the Right Suitcase
The first and most important thing is to determine the suitcase or bag that you carry. Adjust the size of a suitcase with the length of your leave or vacation........

A suitcase or bag small enough to travel for three days. If a vacation for one week, then choose a medium sized suitcase. Avoid carrying too much luggage as it will more often difficult for you. Unless you will settle for a month more, or want to shop a lot at the destination.

2. Placement of items in the suitcase
Keep documents, medicines and clothes for the first day at the very top. This will help you in the examination. In addition, by putting clothes on the top of the first day, you do not need to unpack all the contents of the bag so it does not have to always be busy tidying suitcase for traveling.

3. Clothing Selection
Bring clothes that can be used in two events. For example, a long dress of a comfortable cotton. You can use it for a walk in the afternoon and evening. Just add some accessories and replace flat shoes with high heels if it came to the party night.

4. Avoid Large Carrying Accessories
Leave all the accessories are large. In addition to meeting the suitcase, also make your luggage getting heavier. Bring accessories such as necklaces or bracelets to taste, then enter in a plastic bag, tie and place it in the crevices of suitcases that are still empty. This will minimize your place and make it easier to pack.


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