Thursday, April 12, 2012

5 Worst Beauty Trends of All Time

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False eyelashes are thick will make a woman look fake. If you see people who dress up as, it will feel awkward too, but it would be different if it was a beauty trends. Later anti storm lashes equator Syahrini and crested suddenly followed by many women in Indonesia. Even some time ago a friend advised me to accumulate two to three false eyelashes at once to get the effect that 'he' is a trend.

Not all the trends support the beauty itself. Try the lyrics back some of the things that had become a trend in the past, maybe you'll laugh at these trends and to wonder how such a thing could be favored by the women of his day.

5 Worst Beauty Trends of All Time

1. Super thin eyebrows

Generally shaped eyebrows angled toward the outside, but a maximum of 2 millimeters thick eyebrow from the base to the tip had become a trend of women around the world. Does not look fake?

2. Super matte skin

It's beautiful, skin that looks not shiny, smooth and stuck like a mask. That was then, and had become a trend for many years even today in some places. Though the face of a natural shine without being seen 'caking' make a woman look more fresh and youthful.

3. Hair extensions

A trend that is still not so 'past', and although it has been judged as a bad trend, it still remains a lot of interest in hair extensions. Hair extensions are a severe risk of baldness in women, and often baldness is already visible on the sidelines of the hair of people who wear hair extensions.
4. Spray Tan

Exotic dark skin is becoming a trend, and the fastest way to get it is to spray tanning to skin color. It felt strange not, cover the skin color with another color sprayed all over his body, but that's what happened. Some time ago Christina Aguilera should hold even ashamed tanning nya paint melts and flows in sweaty feet!

5. Blush-on dark colors

Today we recognize the blush-on serves as dark color shading, which gives the illusion of make-up to face shortfalls. But a few years ago these colors are actually used as a blush on; Victoria Beckham is one of the celebrity hosts of this trend. The result? Face looks dull and older years.


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