Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Intruders in the House of Lindsay Lohan Arrested

Lindsay Lohan

Bad luck never seemed far from actress Lindsay Lohan. She was back in touch with the police when she was coming 'uninvited guests' to her house. Fortunately the man could be secured by police in Los Angeles......

Lindsay Lohan

As reported by TMZ, the incident started when an old man suddenly came to her home on Monday (01/02/2011) at around 6 am local time. The old man trying to break into the home star of 'Mean Girls' is.

Lindsay Lohan

As the 'host' is good, Lindsay tried to speak, what is the old man came to his house.

Not the definitive answer is obtained, Lindsay can even sign of the men uncomfortable. As a result, Los Angeles police had to intervene to arrest the stranger.

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan

It is not yet known the identity of a strange man came to the house actress was born July 2, 1986. The stranger known only with Lindsay's father.

Now the man was already in police custody mendengkam Los Angles.


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