Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fashion Emergency: Take advantage of Office Equipment

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If there is 'an accident of fashion' in the office, you need not wonder anymore. Since most of the stationery in the office can be your savior. Of course if this incident would befall anyone feels panicked. But, in fact you could really use some office software to cope with 'accidental fashion' of this kind..........

Fashion Emergency


Stapler can immediately help cover the clothes that are open overnight when there is no insulation or any adhesive. What is clear, your clothes will indeed be a bit hollow, but you will not be confused or panicked cover holding body parts exposed.

All you need to remember is, you should be extra careful when opening it. Better, open the stapler so that the hand does not hurt.


When you lose the lock ring, then you need to do is cut a little part of the eraser, and put it in your ear part.

Relax, because it is made of safe materials, the eraser will not irritate your skin.

Double tape

Similarly, the stapler, double-sided tape is useful for taping the clothes that are open, especially when button released. At least double-sided tape will hold until you return home and will not damage clothing.

Tip of a pencil

When suddenly jammed zippers, you can take advantage of the pencil as a lubricant for zippers return to function.

Board cleaning

Aih, dress your pet exposed to graffiti pen by accident. What to do with it?

Immediately looking for cleaning whiteboards in the drawer and pat on the affected pen with a tissue. Stain can not be immediately lost, but the stain will be much reduced and does not look outstanding.

Paper clips

Ouch! Bra strap suddenly broke apart because of the clamps. Argghhh! You also panicked.

Relax ... grab a paper clip and then associate with a bra strap. Key clip with the ends together, then you will not have to worry anymore it is open.


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