Sunday, January 22, 2012

5 Steps To Instant Ready Lunar

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Preparation to attend the celebration of Chinese New Year will not be complicated if you know the following tips.

Lucky Lunar New Year celebration this year falls on Monday, which means you have a 'holiday' is rather long since the weekend. But precisely because it coincided with the holiday, you must prepare the Lunar equipment with practical and easy so as not to disrupt your vacation plans. Here are some things that will simplify your preparation...........

5 Steps To Instant Ready Lunar

1. Tassel earrings, namely earrings with beads encounter a rather long will instantly give the impression of an oriental. Wear Your LBD mainstay, and add a tassel earrings gold or red color that amplifies nuances Lunar.

2. Take the fan as an accessory. Yes, can not be forgotten, the fan is one thing that is very oriental. Cat eyes make-up, plus tassel earrings and fan in hand, will be right you instantly become an oriental style without much effort.

3. If your hair is long enough, break off and form a hairpin-style reinforced with Mandarin.

4. If you want to buy special clothing for Chinese New Year, choose a cheongsam, Chinese jacket or shirt typical of other Chinese. If you do not want to wear such a fashion model, choose a dress with a patterned neutral model of a typical Oriental, namely dragon, calligraphy Mandarin, lotus flower, a phoenix, and so on.

5. Prepare strappy shoes that will accompany whatever your outfit choice for the Lunar later. Palng strappy shoes fit for Oriental fashion style of a slim, pretty and shiny.


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