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Treval To Egypt - Best Traveling Ideas for Newcomer

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In these days everybody want to tour countries tourist places as well as other countries. our new blog readers Rida and Shamim also going to Travel to Egypt. They share some useful information with our readers about Traveling. They writes in her email, Resorts of Egypt is the perfect place to combine a beach holiday with excursions. This wonderful country offers many opportunities for leisure activities: scuba diving. vindserfin, kite surfing, and finally, a great tan! Egypt is open for tourists all year round! He beckons to travelers in the winter cold and summer heat, and only when the window it's spitting zanudisty autumn rain, the trip to Egypt is a must........

Transportation in Egypt:

In the central part of the resorts along the coast walking route minibuses. The fare is not so long ago has risen and is now 2 LE per person one way. Taxis can be hired at the resorts for the day and 15-20 LE 20-25 LE per night (in Cairo - far cheaper). You should always agree in advance with the driver on the amount.

Safety of tourists in Egypt:

Bare shoulders and short skirts are not the best choice for outdoor walks. The hotels is better to use safe: rare cases of theft, but there. Water from the tap can not drink or even brush her teeth - a high risk of a gastrointestinal disorder. It bears recall once: where at the entrance to the sea has coral, can not be thrust into the water without the special slippers, and splash around them should be cautious.

The climate in Egypt:

Tropical and subtropical continental (Mediterranean Sea). Winter and spring often blow dry hot winds "khamsin, the temperature at this time could be increased up to +40 .. +45 ° C, and humidity - to fall to 10% and below. In the deserts periodically befall sandstorms.
The swimming season lasts all year: the Red Sea is well heated during the summer, and even in the winter months the water temperature does not drop below +20 .. +21 ° C.
Winter recommends that customers take with them warm clothes, because after sunset and at night the temperature can drop to +15 ° C, the same day you can sunbathe without any problems even in February. In the summer heat in the +33 .. +37 ° C tolerated quite easily because of the dryness of the air.

Food and water in Egypt:

Now about the bread. In the restaurant for tourists can go and look at the diet and the price and move on. Eat should be catering for the locals. And the point to choose the one where the board plenty of people who they know how to cook and wash dishes. To order a meal, remember (or write down) of the title (accent on capital letters): hOboz or AAysh - such as pita bread, felYafel - vegetarian meatballs with sauce and salad, hummus - mashed to a paste boiled peas with herbs and butter, kUshari - a mixture of cooked noodles, rice and peas with lemon and pepper sauce, firYah - grilled chicken with sour cream. Eat only the right hand, so it is accepted, since they are left to wash after using the toilet. Tearing off a piece of cake, catch them meatballs or pasta, or chicken, and eat, will not give out spoons. Torguytesv tablespoons mild, they turn up their prices just a half times.

Beaches of Egypt"

Egypt is famous for its beaches. Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, El Gouna, Safaga, Soma and Makadi Bay - an ideal place for sunbathing, swimming, diving and windsurfing. All of them are on the Red Sea coast, stretching from the north to the south of Egypt more than 1000 kilometers. In the Red Sea does not fall into any river, so the water is crystal clear and very warm.

Hotels in Egypt:


Literally 99% of all hotels in the Turkish Mediterranean is working on an all-inclusive, on the Aegean coast and in the "interior" of such hotels in Turkey are much lower. In Istanbul and Ankara even full board - a rarity, mostly there for breakfast and half board.
Specifics on holiday in Turkey: All Entertainment - on site, so the infrastructure is highly developed in them, many services are offered free of charge.
Check-out time in hotels - 12:00. The form of payment in all hotels is different. In some tourist arrival day issued a magnetic card which is "rolled" through a card reader for the provision of paid services in the area (total score will be printed on the eve of departure). The other is a system of checks (after each service rendered tourist signs the receipt for a certain amount). To avoid confusion, these receipts are best kept until the end of your stay. Some services are paid for in cash.
We advise tourists to use the safe storage of documents, money and valuables. Rent safe is 1-3 USD per day.

Shopping in Egypt:

As a souvenir you can buy stone (basalt, granite or alabaster) statues of ancient Egyptian gods, the hookah (shishu) and papyrus. In the resort areas of the vast majority of shops and stores do not have fixed prices. Therefore - advice to tourists: haggle, haggle and haggle again. Original price strays at times. When buying a stone figurines must be careful imitations of painted plaster. To verify the base can be scratched with a fingernail figurines - painted plaster will give a white scratch. When buying a hookah should be borne in mind that often come across "souvenir" Chichi, use that for its intended purpose is almost impossible. Need to be careful when purchasing and papyri. Cheap banana stamping on the poor quality and short-lived material eventually will give for 1-3 LE. Qualitative papyrus (it can be recognized by a neat technique of drawing and on the fact that it can be without the slightest harm to collapse and crush) will cost around 10-20 LE.


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