Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yash Raj Films All Set to Make Their Debut

2010 will herald a new beginning for one of Bollywood’s premier production houses, Yash Raj Films, as they are all set to make their debut in the television industry as well. As befitting its status, the production house is looking at making its presence felt and is debuting with five new shows to be aired on Sony Entertainment Television from the new year. It will be remembered that film production houses belonging to the Sagars and the Barjatiyas have been quite active on the television front for a while now. Even Shah Rukh Khan’s productions has been producing shows for TV.

Making up for lost time, the production will launch five new shows and the content of each promises high quality and contemporary in nature. Of the five, ’Lift Kara De’, is a weekly reality show which will be hosted by Karan Johar and will feature one superstar and his or her biggest fan. The four fiction based shows include ’Mahi Way’, a story about an ambitious 25 year old girl, and ’Rishta.Com’, which is about a matrimonial agency run by a man and a woman.

Of the remaining two shows, ’Seven’ is based on mythology but set in today’s world, while ’Powder’ is about two men on different sides of the law. YRF is now all set to battle for TRPs following their foray into television. Since they have such a strong presence in the film industry, it was perhaps expected that they would start taking an interest in the television industry as well. It may just force the others to pull up their socks.


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