Monday, December 28, 2009

Five High Heels Shaped Bathtub

Today I share with you amazing bathtub. Women in high heels look very hot but they are sexier if they take a bath in the High Heels Bathtub, designed by Italian art mosaic makers SICIS.

The High Heels shaped bathtub slides into a deep tub. Broad at the bottom, the tub tapers when going upwards forming the tip of the heel of the shoe. The design gives your body a comfortable embrace and lets water to trickle from above, massaging your shoulders.

Wondering how much is the price? The stunning bathtub for a contemporary bathroom starts at $17,000 but if you prefer a platinum one, the maker can custom-make for you with the price up to $27,000; you have to pay the price in order to be a sexy woman in bathroom.

The outside of the tub is decorated with glass mosaics to reflect varied floral patterns. The tubs depict butterflies and flowers, and is available in pink, blue, black and white colors.



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