Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best Car Of The Year - 2010

Here we come 2010 with new goodies. The car of the year is not anymore Nissan GT-R, VW Polo take lead in 2010.

With depression still a nose away, this car that has a powerful 1.2 petrol Turbo engine or 1.6 liter Diesel Engine which is definitely a super-saver in fuel consumption. The spacious interior can comfortably take 4 heavy men. This combined beauty, cargo capacity and power has seen it being awarded the 2010 car of the year. It won the contest, beating Toyota iQ by to points at 347 and 337 respectively.

You have got to check out the specification that place this German can makers in a class on their own.If you know more about Pakistani Men interest click here.


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