Thursday, October 6, 2011

Latest News - Steve Jobs Has Died

Apple founder died of cancer at age 56

Do not become the legendary Steve Jobs - the man who gave the world a unique technology, "godfather" smartphone iPhone, iPad tablet computer and multimedia player iPod. CEO and founder of Apple was burned from cancer. He was 56 years old.

Steve Jobs
(Black and white portrait of Steve Jobs takes the entire home page Apple. Photo:

The death of co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs was "quiet." This is related by members of the family computer genius, thanking everyone who supported Steve in the fight against cancer.

- Steve died quietly, surrounded by his closest. In public life he was a dreamer and a visionary with regard to Steve's personal life, he always took care of the family "- quoted statement relatives newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald, - We are grateful to all those who prayed for a year for the health of our Steve. Anyone can leave condolences online at Apple........

Fought to the End:

Steve was a real fighter - he resisted painful ailment to the last. Already gravely ill, he almost did not leave until the end of Apple management and personally oversaw the development of almost all of the company. Jobs passed away shortly after the company presented another novelty - the version of the iPhone.

Steve Jobs
(In recent months, Steve Jobs is terribly thin. But despite this, bravely resisted the disease. Photo: Daily Mail)

The fact that it soon will not the doctors predicted a more in January this year when Steve left the affairs of the company and went on indefinite leave. Then the doctors gave him the strength of four months of life. Jobs lasted eight. Previously, Steve suffered a severe set of transactions that affected his health. In 2004, he removed part of the stomach, duodenum, pancreas, gall bladder and bile ducts, and after five years had a liver transplant. He was terribly emaciated, but endured all the hardships. It was only in January 2011 gave up and gave Apple does his assistant Tim Cook . But continued to actively participate in the affairs of the company. Then, in January, Jobs presented iPad second generation, and two months later told the audience about new and iPhone4 iPad3.
Black and white photograph of Steve Jobs and the years of his life - 1955 - 2011 - occupied the home page of Apple.
- Apple has lost outstanding and creative genius, and the world lost a remarkable man. Those of us who were fortunate to know Steve and work with him, have lost a dear friend and mentor, spiritualized. Steve is survived by his company, which only he could create, and his spirit will forever be a support for Apple, - said in an obituary of the corporation.

Steve Jobs to illness
(Steve Jobs to illness)

Deep regret at the death of Steve Jobs expressed chairman of Microsoft , Bill Gates , reports RIA "Novosti" .
- The news of the death of Steve Jobs made ​​me gloomy. Me and my wife Melinda express sincere condolences to his family, friends and all those who are affected by the work of Steve - wrote to Gates. - The world is very rare people who can make a contribution to it, similar to the contribution of Steve, the effects of which will be felt more than one generation.
Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg called Jobs his "mentor and friend," "Thank you for having shown us that we created can change change the world. I will miss you. "
Sympathy expressed and Google founders:
- Steve, your passionate desire for perfection feels anyone who touched any product Apple. All of us at Google, and the industry as a whole will be greatly missed by you, - said Sergey Brin .


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